“Anti-Eternia He-Man” by Killersha

March 20, 2016 John Atkin

Check out this fantastic artwork of Anti-Eternia He-Man by Samy Sha Hadj Ammar (AKA Killersha). Click to Enlarge! You can find more great MOTU fan art by Killersha by clicking HERE!


“Boogeyman” by Orville Dunworth

January 12, 2016 John Atkin

Check out this cool Hordak painting by Orville Dunworth (AKA Reverend Terry Rice). I always saw Hordak as a more sinister villian than Skeletor. Skeletor had a bit of an anti-hero feel to him. He seemed […]


“He-Man and Lion-O” by Reyad Yousri

December 22, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this cool He-Man and Lion-O artwork by Reyad Yousri. When I heard that Mattel was making a new toy line of the ThunderCats, this image instantly jumped into my mind.  I always liked the idea […]


“Masters” by Chris Faccone

November 26, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this stunning new MOTU-inspired artwork by Chris Faccone. During this piece I pulled inspiration from Conan. I wanted to match the same intensity I see when reading the old Marvel comics that John […]

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