“Boogeyman” by Orville Dunworth

Check out this cool Hordak painting by Orville Dunworth (AKA Reverend Terry Rice).

I always saw Hordak as a more sinister villian than Skeletor. Skeletor had a bit of an anti-hero feel to him. He seemed to always do the right thing even if he was trying to do the wrong. Maybe that’s why I loved him so much. You didn’t have to be good to be good. Hordak on the other hand didn’t give a damn. He was full on bad guy. He was the embodiment of what a villian should be. I see him as being the “Eternian Boogeyman”. The nightmarish creature coming out of the dark that no one wanted to see. That is what inspired this painting.


You can see more cool artwork and action figure customs at Orville Dunworth’s official Facebook Page!