Fan Comics: “The Inane Escapades of Skeletor!” by Conall Pendergast

Check out these hilarious Skeletor comics by artist Conall Pendergast.

I was 4 years old when I was given a Fisto figure, and from the first mini-comic I was hooked! I made my own Snake Mountain out of cardboard. The snake swallowed the figures and they slid down a ramp into a jail cell (at least that was the idea; truthfully, my cardboard engineering skills were not quite up to the task). I think my parents had enough when Stinkor’s head broke off and he leaked sticky, stinky fluid all over the place. Looking back I can see why they denied me the pleasures of Hordak’s Slime Pit!

My favourite character was (and is) Skeletor! First because skeletons are fun to draw, and second, because he’s the Daffy Duck to He-Man’s Bugs Bunny, whose every plan seems destined for failure! Who can’t relate to that? … Anyway enjoy the comics!

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The Teleconference

Teleconference Call

The Dragon Blaster

Dragon Blaster

Dragon Blaster #2

Dragon Blaster #2

DVD (Special Features)

DVD Extras

Eternian Fashion 101

Fashion 101

The New Gloves

New Gloves

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night



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