July 11, 2020
  • Podcasts

    BattleCast: Podcast Interview with Scott Neitlich – Part 1

    BATTLECAST: Join host Eamon O’Donoghue and his special co-hosts Mat O’Toole, Josh Van Pelt, and John Atkin as they interview Scott Neitlich. Better known to fans as “Toyguru”, Scott was a senior brand analyst at Mattel, and managed the Masters of the [...]
  • Merchandise

    Pre-Order: Hordak Legends Maquette from Tweeterhead!

    Sideshow and Tweeterhead present the newest addition from the Masters of the Universe – Hordak Legends Maquette!  Tweeterhead presents the Hordak “Legends” Maquette! The 1:5 scale line originally established by Sideshow, Tweeterhead is bringing back these “Legends” by starting [...]
  • Movies

    BattleCast: Podcast Interview with Richard Szponder

    BATTLECAST: Join host Eamon O’Donoghue and his special co-host John Atkin as they interview Richard Szponder, who played “Pig Boy” in the live-action Masters of Universe movie! In 1986, Mattel announced a contest in which one lucky fan [...]

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