Masters of the Universe artwork by Simon Eckert

Simon Eckert (AKA Scebiqu) has shared with us his beautiful Masters of the Universe paintings of Teela, The Sorceress, Shokoti, and Catra.

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Filmation undisputedly had a special talent when it came to creating female cartoon characters. These are my tributes to some of the most gorgeous characters.


Teela: Warrior Goddess from Masters of the Universe. She is the daughter of the Sorceress of Grayskull and according to MOTU lore will one day take her place. I included the sorceress along her eagle self Zoar and the spirit of castle grayskull, which is kind of a proto sorceress and thus completing the trinity.


Shokoti, a villainess from the old Filmation He-man cartoon. Appearing in the episode House of Shokoti pt. 2 which was agreeably of one of the best Episodes. I just wanted to add a little color to a sketch and keep it sketchy, but somehow got carried away with rendering again. Don´t really know whats going on with the pose, probably she´s like “excellent Lord Masque, everythings proceeding as I have forseen!”


The Sorceress. A little fanart to celebrate 30 years of Masters of the Universe. I just watched a few episodes of the old Filmation cartoon again and though it has a lot of weaknesses I still like it and simply love the striking and elegant design of the Sorceress.


I remember the Temple of Darkness mini comic as a pretty common one, at least I owned it several times as a kid. The torchlit temple and pitch black sky had a dark and mysterious atmosphere. It definitely was one of my favorites. Doing a homage also gave me the chance to draw the Sorceress once again.


Catra: The villainess from the She-Ra Filmation Cartoon.

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