MOTU Classics Pre-Order Extended Through The Weekend!

Due to fan requests from MOTU collectors, Super7 have extended the pre-order window for the Wave 2 release. It will now close at 12:00 Midnight PST this Monday – March 19th. Once this window closes, Super7 will not be able to accept any more orders for Wave 2. 

The Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull and Classics Wave 2 Collections are each a set of four deluxe, 7-inch tall, highly articulated and fully posable action figures including a host of accessories and interchangeable parts. Each super detailed Classics Figure is sculpted by the Four Horsemen and comes packaged in a brand new blister package featuring new artwork inspired by the iconic vintage Masters of the Universe toys. This is a made-to-order release with each 4-figure set available for $139.99.

MOTU Classics Wave 2 Set

  • Dylamug: The evil robotic Horde Trooper comes with rotating face pieces, Cartoon-style Horde crest, firing Horde Crest, and Toy-style Horde Crest (accessories not shown).
  • Granita: The superhuman heroine of the Rock People arrives with rock pieces and her Refraction Laser (not shown) at the ready. Updated sculpt and paint to match Classics Rokkon and Stonedar.
  • Karg: The ghoulish commander of Skeletor’s army comes armed with Crucia – The Dagger of Agony and a Fleshburner Laser Gun.
  • Wraptrap: The cursed undead creature emerges from the eons with the Khopesh of Kartan and Necrobow.

MOTU Classics Club Grayskull Wave 2 Set

  • Man-E-Faces: The redeemed member of the Heroic Warriors comes equipped with a Man-E-Weapons assortment (accessories not shown).
  • Mer-Man: The amphibious servant of Skeletor arrives armed with his Spear of Bakull, Sword of Rakash, and Freeze Ray Gun.
  • Sorceress: The protector of Eternia and the secrets of Grayskull. Sorceress comes with 2 sets of interchangeable wings (one open and the other closed), an alternate head (Kuduk Ungol), and Zoar with perch (accessories not shown).
  • Tung Lashor: The venomous member of the Evil Horde comes equipped with a Horde Issue Jet Pack, a blaster, and an alternate head with mouth closed (accessories not shown).