Club MOTU: Q&A with Mad Duck Posters

Members of the He-Man World forum and Facebook group recently had the chance to ask Mad Duck Posters some questions about their upcoming Club MOTU poster subscription. Check out the Q&A below!
1. When is the final day to order a Club MOTU subscription?
We will be extending the enrollment date through December 31st, 2017.  The sub begins in December, so those that sub up in December will still receive the first poster, which is the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas special!
2. Will any of the artists who worked on the original 1980s toyline be creating new artwork as part of this poster subscription?
Not at this time. There is a diverse group of artists ranging from comic book to poster artiss that are working on the sub.  Extremely talented, top tier artists with extensive resumes.  With that being said, we are always open to working with talented artists. 80s toyline artists would be great, and something we will consider for sure.
3. You advertised that there will be a Member Voted Concept poster. Can you tell us when the polls will be posted to vote, and if an artist has been chosen yet to create that poster?
Yes, the member chosen concept poster will be exclusive to the sub. In order to allow all members to vote, we will need to wait until January or February 2018 to begin polling on this subject.  There is not a specific artist planned for this poster, and there will be artist options for members to vote on.  Exclusive is exclusive.  This poster will not be sold through Mad Duck Posters retail, nor any other place outside of Club MOTU!
4. Once someone subscribes, does that mean he/she will be automatically charged each month for the new poster, or they’ll only have the chance of purchasing the posters before the public without any commitments?
As this is a subscription model at it’s core, all members will be charged monthly for the duration of the sub (for that month’s poster). The monthly poster is part of the subscription. One additional detail: members pay $5 less per poster than posters sold to the public. This is true for all MOTU posters created during the duration of CLUB MOTU!
5. Can the subscriber opt out anytime through out the sub’s duration?
Subscribers cannot opt out during the sub.  Joining is a committment for one year’s worth of monthly product.
6. Can someone purchase more than one subscription?
Yes. There are no limits and multiples would help the project.
7. Will we be able to see the different stages of He-Man on the posters, in all of his various armors throughout the ages?
No, but that does not mean we will not see different versions of He-Man and other characters. We will not see all of the He-Man versions in year 1 of the sub.  We will see different versions, but not all.
Thank you for your questions and interest in Club MOTU!  If you love MOTU, you will not regret joining this sub.  The concepts have been listed on the site (, so you should have a pretty good understanding of what you will receive.  We have recently added a new subscriber benefit, which is $5 off the price the public pays for any poster product.
Also, once you have subbed up, you will truly have the golden ticket. Any MOTU product we produce during the sub year, will first be offered and GUARANTEED to all subscribers! No flash sales, or random small windows. If you want it, you will have a chance to buy it.  This would include any posters, t-shirts, glassware, statues, or any product we might offer!