Hover Robot by John Paoluccio

October 27, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this fantastic Hover Robot costume by John Paoluccio. I have always enjoyed entering Halloween costume contests. Every year I attend the Freakers Ball in Tahoe. This year I wanted to make a costume with […]


“Camp Myah” by Hillary White

October 23, 2015 John Atkin is offering a retro “summer camp” t-shirt at their store designed by Hillary White. 5% of all sales this month are supporting Bright Pink, an organization focused on breast cancer prevention. Certain artists also volunteered […]


Chasing Grayskull: Episode 01

October 21, 2015 John Atkin

​The filmmakers of Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ​introduce themselves​ over ​Skype to ​answer fan questions​ about their upcoming documentary​ and ​drop a few hints about […]


“King He-Man” by SiMo Sol

October 21, 2015 John Atkin

Simon Soltau (aka SiMo Sol) has finished work on a stunning oil painting of King He-Man. KING HE-MAN My latest Masters of the Universe painting. Two years ago, a “King He-Man” figure had been released. When I saw […]


Interview with Tom Sito

October 20, 2015 John Atkin

Another cool interview from the archived Grayskull memory banks! This one is with Tom Sito! Tom worked on Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power. He was a terrific […]


“Skeletor” by Jean-Michel Trauscht

October 19, 2015 John Atkin

Jean-Michel Trauscht has shared with us his amazing artwork of the Evil Lord of Destruction: Skeletor! As a kid I watched the He-Man adventures. I always wanted to illustrate the evil counterpart of the hero the […]

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