Custom Spotlight: Sky Lord

December 27, 2015 John Atkin

This cool custom comes from He-Man World member Marcus Akin (aka Dark Horse). Sky Lord: Avionian Bounty Hunter This one was easy to make – Marvel Legends “Stryfe” head, Bow’s body, Blade’s arms, Flogg’s feet, King […]


“He-Man and Lion-O” by Reyad Yousri

December 22, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this cool He-Man and Lion-O artwork by Reyad Yousri. When I heard that Mattel was making a new toy line of the ThunderCats, this image instantly jumped into my mind.  I always liked the idea […]


“Masters” by Chris Faccone

November 26, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this stunning new MOTU-inspired artwork by Chris Faccone. During this piece I pulled inspiration from Conan. I wanted to match the same intensity I see when reading the old Marvel comics that John […]

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