Hover Robot by John Paoluccio

Check out this fantastic Hover Robot costume by John Paoluccio.

I have always enjoyed entering Halloween costume contests. Every year I attend the Freakers Ball in Tahoe. This year I wanted to make a costume with a height of 9’. My original concept was a 1930s robot, and I had the design laid out but realized that I would have a hard time walking up stairs.

I like to let my kids watch old cartoons that I grew up on. Recently I found a few old episodes of Filmation’s great He-Man cartoon. That’s when I saw the cool looking Hover Robots! I quickly changed my design concept. Originally I had the body lift up using electronic solenoids. It lifted 3’ up so the head was at 8’ tall. This was cool and I started construction. About 2 weeks into it the tension spring broke and sent parts flying, so I decided to just wear it on my back. The unit weighed about 75 lbs and it about killed me. I’ll wear it next to my kids school on Halloween, before it goes up in the attic for the future.



Evangelina Paoluccio as She-Ra.