“King He-Man” by SiMo Sol

Simon Soltau (aka SiMo Sol) has finished work on a stunning oil painting of King He-Man.


My latest Masters of the Universe painting. Two years ago, a “King He-Man” figure had been released. When I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do. The famous still of the classic “Conan the Barbarian” with Arnold Schwarzenegger was my inspiration. I made an exact recreation of that pose. With his old weapons by his side, He-Man is now an older but still strong warrior, and his face tells us that he went through a lot during his life. The weapons on the right also include an “easter-egg”, as they are arranged in the same way that He-Man first them in the first Mini-Comic by Alfredo Alcala. The circle now is complete.

Oil on Canvas, 70 x 100 cm (approx. 27,5 x 39,4 inches)

King He-Man


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