He-Man meets Anti-Eternia He-Man

December 28, 2023 John Atkin

Check out these awesome fan-made “Anti He-Man” cartoons, created in the Filmation style, by artist Dusan M. Backstory: Keldor, a fugitive from a parallel universe, arrives on Eternia. He is followed by the master of evil – Prince […]


Super7 ReAction MOTU Exclusives at Power-Con

August 21, 2018 John Atkin

This weekend, Super7 will be at Power-Con in Torrance, California (Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th). To commemorate the weekend in Torrance, Super7 will have a squad of new and exclusive versions of the Masters […]


Anti-Eternia He-Man Raffle Contest!

August 11, 2016 John Atkin

UPDATE: The competition is now closed (12pm EST). The winners of the contest are: 1st place: Mark Allan 2nd place: Jerry Reed 3rd place: Warhammer is having a special raffle contest to help He-Man fan Chris […]


Custom Spotlight: Anti-Eternia Wind Raider

June 4, 2016 John Atkin

Check out the awesome Anti-Eternia Winder Raider by Marcus Akin (aka Dark Horse). I got sucked into the Anti-Eternia phenomenon like everyone else, so decided to make this. Not many people know it’s actually in the […]


Anti-Eternia He-Man – 2016 Chase Figure

April 8, 2016 John Atkin

A message from He-Man®? Nope, he isn’t! This almost doppelganger is the ruler of a dark mirror world called Anti-Eternia®. Summoned by Skeletor® via his World Converter, the evil interloper might just be the […]


“Anti-Eternia He-Man” by Killersha

March 20, 2016 John Atkin

Check out this fantastic artwork of Anti-Eternia He-Man by Samy Sha Hadj Ammar (AKA Killersha). Click to Enlarge! You can find more great MOTU fan art by Killersha by clicking HERE!