Anti-Eternia He-Man – 2016 Chase Figure

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He-Man®? Nope, he isn’t! This almost doppelganger is the ruler of a dark mirror world called Anti-Eternia®. Summoned by Skeletor® via his World Converter, the evil interloper might just be the most dangerous threat to Eternia® yet. Anti-Eternia® He-Man® comes with his evil power sword, shield, battle axe, and an additional sword and shield set.

Not available in any 2016 subscription. This figure is only offered intermittently on, with no guarantee of availability at any specific time.

5 Things to Know About Anti-Eternia He-Man®

AKA: Prince Adam® of Anti-Eternia
Known For: 1985 German Europa audio show, Episode 11
Powers: Equal to He-Man®
Associates: Anti-Man-At-Arms, Anti-Orko
Battle Cry: By the power of Hellskull, I have the power!

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