Exclusive: Anti-Eternia He-Man ReAction figure from Super7

Die Welt Der Meister Magazine has teamed up with S.P.A.C.E. to bring you Super7’s ReAction Anti-Eternia He-Man! The figure comes on an exclusive German card!

The Anti-Eternia He-Man pre-order has already ended, but there is a possibility of more being produced. The S.P.A.C.E. website has a “wait list” and is still taking orders for the figure, although they can not guarantee that more will be made at this time.

Message from the space-figuren site:

Anti He-Man is the mightiest warrior of the hellish anti-planet Anti-Eternia. When this character came to life in issue 11 of the German MOTU audioplay back in the 1980’s, he immediately got famous around the world with all Masters of the Universe Fans.

We are extremely proud to present our shared exclusive ReAction Figure of ANTI HE-MAN, which got developed from our friends at »Die Welt der Meister« magazine together with the creative folks at SUPER7. To pay tribute to Anti He-Mans origins, we created a special blister card with his bio in German language.

The figure is about 10cm tall and comes with his power sword.

Price: 19,99€ (+shipping)

Click for more photos at the Die Welt Der Meister Facebook page!