Mattel Unveils New ThunderCats Toyline!

July 10, 2015 John Atkin

Mattel revelaed at the Mattypallooza panel at SDCC 2015 that they have the license to make a ThunderCats toyline! The prototypes of Lion-O and Jackalman were shared with fans and are on display at Comic-Con. The […]


Masters of the Universe Giant Size Test Shot Figures

June 30, 2015 John Atkin

Super7 is releasing colorful test-shot variants of the Giant Size He-Man and Skeletor figures! Masters of the Universe Giant Size Skeletor Test Shot The Giant Sized Skeletor figure is cast in unpainted mixed-color injected plastic parts, recreating the process of […]


SDCC: Rotar vs. Twistoid

May 7, 2015 John Atkin

From Masters of the Universe® Rotar™ vs. Twistoid™ Recreate the Second Ultimate Battleground as Rotar™ and Twistoid™ go head to head! A former palace guard wounded in battle, Rotar™ was merged with an android […]


Club 200X Subscription is a GO!

March 24, 2015 John Atkin

Fantastic news today from! I know you guys have been waiting with bated breath for the final results of the sub drive so let’s get into it. I have some good news and some […]


Last Day to Subscribe to Club 200X!

March 23, 2015 John Atkin

Today is the LAST DAY(!) to subscribe to Masters of the Universe Classics: Club 200X! Click on the link below and order your subscription from today! Offer expires at midnight! See what the fans are saying […]

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