MattyCollector Announces Classics 2.0 Subscription: “A” List Characters in Filmation Style!

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These are the figures that’ll take you right back to Saturday morning, sitting in your PJs, bowl of cereal in hand, face ten inches from the TV. Get ready for Classics 2.0!

He-ManThis is the subscription that’ll give you all the feels, with a lineup of “A” list characters in the style you remember from the animated series. These newly-designed Filmation-style figures come in 6” classics scale to fit in perfectly with your existing collection, but they’re not Classics… they’re Classics 2.0!

This bi-monthly 2016 subscription brings six of the most-wanted characters, newly-designed in Filmation style, plus a club-exclusive Evil Seed™! Scheduled releases include*:

  • He-Man® (2/16)
  • Trap Jaw® (4/16)
  • Skeletor® (6/16)
  • Evil Seed™ (Subscription-only figure, 8/16)
  • Beast Man® (8/16)
  • Evil-Lyn® (10/16)
  • Clawful® (12/16)

The subscription period will be open 10/5/15 through 11/2/15 at 11:59 PT. Along with guaranteed delivery of these new Filmation-style figures, subscribers get Early Access beginning in February 2016. That means you’ll have first shot at figures like the 2016 chase figure and our annual San Diego Comic-Con After-Party Sale. Click here for all the details and to sign up for the Classics 2.0 subscription!

*As always, names and release dates are subject to change.

he-man 2.0 evil seed 2.0 Skeletor 2.0

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