New She-Ra “Princess Of Power” poster by Eamon O’Donoghue

Mad Duck Posters returns to the Masters of the Universe mythos this week, with a brand new She-Ra poster! “Princess Of Power” is an 18×24 limited edition Fine Art Giclee, with a run of 250 and cost of $65.  The poster will be available to purchase this Wednesday, October 11th at 12PM Eastern time!

We are excited to present “Princess Of Power” by artist Eamon O’Donoghue!

Available as a beautiful fine art giclee, the colors are captured perfectly, showing the vivid color palette used by the artist. 

The artist had the following to say:

“I grew up on all things sword an sorcery and in the hay day of poster artists like Boris Vallejo, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt and Chris Achilleos. Boris in particular produced so many great and iconic posters that you often see them on bedroom walls in 80’s TV shows and movies. I certainly had a few. I have always wanted to have a She-Ra piece done in that more 80’s poster art style. She-Ra is devastatingly beautiful and glamorous but also super strong. I want to see She-Ra undiluted or “unchained” and depicted as the true fantasy icon that she is. To get the opportunity to do that with Mad Duck Posters is true honor, a massive feather in my cap and I hope folks like it as much as we do.”

This is our first She-Ra poster, but certainly not our last!

Also available from Mad Duck is their 2018 Masters of the Universe poster subscription: Club MOTU.

The subscription is now open for enrolment!  If you love She-Ra, He-Man, Skeletor and the fantastic characters of the Masters of the Universe, then this is something you do not want to miss out on! 

More than just a sub, Club MOTU offers exclusive member benefits that go beyond the monthly poster releases.  Some of the talented artists working on Mad Duck MOTU projects in 2018 include Dave Wilkins, Tom Whalen, Axel Giménez, Martin Ansin, Chris Skinner and many more!  Read the full details at the link below and enroll today!