“Clash at Snake Mountain” by SiMo Sol

Simon Soltau (AKA SiMo Sol) has created another stunning Masters of the Universe painting. Check it out!

My new painting is finished: “Clash at Snake Mountain”! It’s my recreation of page 5 of the classic minicomic “Masks Of Power” (1983) as a huge oil painting 80/120 cms (about 31,5 x 47,2 inches).

The original artwork was made by Alfredo Alcala, which you can see here: 
My friend Polygonus Art suggested that motif to me and I liked that idea of combining those drawings and make it one huge painting. Thanks, Poly!

For the first time I created Snake Mountain as well as the beloved characters Fisto, Trap Jaw and Mer-Man – and again I included many eastereggs, hommages and extras.

Please allow me to mention two homages to very important artists, who have passed away recently:

  • I inserted several elements from William George’s artwork. The little animal in the left corner and the Battle Cat are two of them for example. Thanks, William!
  • I created Fisto and He-Man as a hommage to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, who will always have a place in my heart. The two characters are not painted as obvious portraits, but the influences are significant.

As you can see on my page below the painting process took about 3 months. Thanks to Björn Korthof, Jukka Issakainen and Axel Giménez for their support! And thanks to Fabian Soltau for posing.

For Eternia!

Click on the artwork to ENLARGE!

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