SDCC 2017: “Fandom on Film: Deep Dive Docs the FauxPop Way”

In an SDCC panel loaded with never-before-seen process footage (and maybe some special guests!) from past, present, and future projects, FauxPop Media’s writer/director Randall Lobb and DP/production designer Isaac Elliott-Fisher point fingers and name names as they take you behind the scenes of their Definitive Film documentary series, including Turtle Power, A Riddle of Steel, Power of Grayskull (and more) to reveal how what started as small, indie, fan-focused video blew up into deep dive, studio-ready, feature documentaries that appeal equally to mainstream audiences, hardcore fans, and IP owners alike.

San Diego Comic-Con

Saturday July 22, 2017 – 7:15pm to 8:20pm

Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4

Definitive Film is built from the ground up for fans, by fans, to honour the best of pop culture – to attract, entertain and engage a modern audience that wants more from their audience experience. A Definitive Film intensifies the relationship between audience and entertainment, bringing fans a deeper, more substantive look at the history of, and the context for, the pop culture properties they already love.

Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the latest in FauxPop Media’s Definitive Film series, will dig into the rich history of what has become one of the most beloved and enduring pop culture icons for millions of fans worldwide.

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