Super7 presents “Skelebration” – Wed, July 19th to Fri, July 21st!

A message from Super7:

This year for Comic-Con International in San Diego, Super7 is hosting an all-out “Skelebration” beginning tomorrow night! That sure looks like a Skeletor piñata! One should wonder what will happen if such a piñata is hit enough times by lucky MOTU fans until it breaks open and spills its secrets. The ONLY way to find out is to be at the opening of Skeletor’s Lair tomorrow night at 9:00pm in San Diego!

Also available at Skeletor’s Lair while supplies last will be the Lair Exclusive black Possessed Skeletor 5.5-inch Vintage Collection figure. None. None more black.

A very well-informed source says there will also be a special Super7 concocted Skeletor Soda available at the Lair… while supplies last of course. Because what party would be complete without fizzy soda pop!?

We hope to see you there! Details: