Fortress of Mystery & Power

Long Ago, in ages past at the end of the Great Wars the Cosmic Warrior He-Ro joined forces with King Grayskull. Their combined might became a beacon of hope, bringing together the greatest warriors from across Preternia. Together, this band of warriors became the first Masters of the Universe, fighting against the Horde and Snake Men invaders. Heroically sacrificing himself to save King Grayskull’s life, He-Ro passed his magical sword to the King, ensuring only those with great strength, courage, wisdom, and compassion would wield the sword of He. To safeguard the sword’s power source and protect the Kingdom, King Grayskull ordered a great fortress erected. With the help of the giants, this mighty fortress was constructed first from a single enchanted stone, which was sculpted into a giant Power Skull. Later, towers and walls were erected around the Skull Stone and the fortress was protected by the magic of the Elders. After the King’s death, his fortress would remain, fading from memory into legend, but always protecting the hidden power of the Universe and the secrets of Eternia from evil.