Custom Spotlight: Wun-Dar by Roland Möntemann

Check out this amazing vintage-style custom from Roland Möntemann of “Wun-Dar: The Savage He-Man!” The figure is based on the legendary “Wonder Bread” He-Man, the original promotional figure given away through the mail in 1981. 

As base for this custom figure, I used an original Fisto, and replaced the arms and head with the original He-Man. Armor and weapon are the vintage black Zodak equipment from the Weapon Pack. The Power Sword is a painted He-Man sword. After that, I molded a little “loaf of bread” with Milliputty. Then I painted the hair on the head, boots and bread. 

The card is a complete custom, that I made by myself. I wanted to give the card a proper vintage look, as if it was really from the 80s. A friend made the blister “bubble” for me. The comic is the unreleased original “Return from Terror Island”mini-comic from Mattel, that was recently printed by James Eatock.

Video (in German)

Pictures of the Wun-Dar custom: