Dorbz: Moss Man and Beast Man 2-Pack

Check out this awesome Masters of the Universe 2-pack featuring Beast Man and Moss Man! Limit of one per customer. The 2-pack is on sale now at the Funko-Shop!

***LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER*** Our next Masters of the Universe offering is this Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz 2-pack! Beast Man is Skeletor’s right-hand man who can telepathically control animals. Moss Man is an ally to the Heroic Warriors and helped protect their freedom using his powers over plant life – and yes, the Moss Man Dorbz is flocked!! The Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz 2-pack is a exclusive and is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces.

You can order your Moss Man and Beast Man 2-pack by clicking HERE!