“Dragon’s Gift” Masters of the Universe Posters by Gabriel Luque!

A message from Mad Duck Posters:

This week we are releasing new licensed Masters of the Universe posters for the “Dragon’s Gift” by Gabriel Luque!

In Masters of the Universe lore, there are two different versions of the “Dragon’s Gift” story. Both version are similar, but also have some distinct differences. We are releasing posters for both! 

The regular version is based on the 1983 Filmation cartoon episode “The Dragon’s Gift” and features the cartoon colors, including the “Great Magic Wielding” red dragon Granamyr!

The variant is based on the 1984 mini-comic “Dragon’s Gift”, and features the mini-comic colors, including a green version of Granamyr!

If you would like to read more about the different poster versions, including more cartoon and mini-comic information and pictures, head over to the Blog!

The posters will be available for purchase tomorrowTuesday, June 26th at 12PM Eastern HERE!

Regular Edition, 18×24 Fine Art Giclée, Run of 250, $55


Variant Edition, 18×24 Fine Art Giclée, Run of 200, $65