New Skeletor Rings from Han Cholo!

The Most Evil Being in all of Eternia is back! Check out these new Skeletor rings from Han Cholo’s awesome Masters of the Universe collection!

There has never been a moment of peace in Eternia, there is always Evil lurking about and the weapons that go side by side with it, and now the fight is here. The Evil and almighty Skeletor, Villian and ruler of all that is evil has come to conquer all that you hold dear and he comes bearing the weight of two powerful and destructive new weapons. The Havoc Ring, this ring was converted from Skeletors staff into this elegant and powerful ring can now be yours to defeat any and all enemy in your path. The Skeletor Armor Ring, With every powerful weapon must come some truly powerful armor to go with it and what better armor than Skeletors chest plate. These two rings can now be possessed by you to either take down the evil of Eternia or Conquer and Rule over All!