Désirée Cosplay as She-Ra!

Check out these fantastic photos of Désirée Cosplay as She-Ra!

She-Ra was one of my main childhood heroines; I always dreamed of wielding the Sword of Protection, and smiting my foes! When I decided that I wanted to create my first armor cosplay, the choice was easy. Inspired by numerous artists’ takes on She-Ra’s costume, I created my own original design that incorporates her traditional costume with a heavier armor.

The armor components are crafted from Worbla, with a craft foam core, and the stones are custom sized for the various pieces and cast from clear acrylic resin. I created the Sword of Protection using a dowel, EVA foam, and more Worbla. I had a lot of fun putting this costume together, and it’s a complete thrill to dress as such an iconic and meaningful character!

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Photos: Rico Maui (www.facebook.com/mirageimagesnc) and Blaine Schanter (www.blaineimages.com)

You can see more of Désirée’s creative work at her Official Facebook Page. 

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