Ambush In The Mountains Of Doom! Masters of the Universe art by Mike Hoffman!

Mad Duck Posters is excited to release a new “Masters of the Universe” print this week by painter Mike Hoffman! Entitled “Ambush In The Mountains Of Doom!”, this poster captures an epic battle between He-Man and Skeletor! Mike Hoffman painted this physically on canvas, using traditional mediums, and scanned it digitally for this limited edition fine art print.

Official message from Mad Dog Posters:

Today we have a surprise release in our He-Man and the Masters of the Universe collection!

We are excited to present a new fine art poster that draws influence from Frank Frazetta, Alfredo Alcala,and Earl Norem! The very talented Mike Hoffman painted this piece on canvas, and the little nuances of traditional brush strokes can be seen in the art!

With a very vintage feel to the work, the art incorporates characters spread across the MOTU mythos. Full details can be read in the blog here!

Poster is a 18 x 24, Fine Art Giclee, Edition of 250, $55

Click the image to grab your copy now!