Martin Ruffer as Grizzlor!

Check out these awesome cosplay photos of Martin Ruffer as Grizzlor!

I always loved the Horde action figures as a kid. Grizzlor was always my favorite. I took him with me on my first day of school. As a cosplayer, I wanted to create a cool costume. Previously, I made toy-accurate costumes of Beastman and Hordak, so it was very important to me to nail the look of the vintage Grizzlor action figure. I set a goal for myself to finish it for this year’s Grayskull-con in Germany. It was a challenge to nail the look and make it still wearable without overheating. I hope you all enjoy the final result. It was a lot of fun for me to bring this character to life.






Beatrice von B as She-Ra, Brain Dobson (Skeletor!), and Martin Reffur as Grizzlor.

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