2016 SDCC Reveals: Masters of the Universe Minecraft!

A message from MattyCollector.com:

Minecraft Survival Mode Player One – $15

Think you can survive the world of Minecraft? Well, now with your very own Survival Mode Player One figure, your chances have just increased exponentially. The Player One figure comes with an Enchanted Pickaxe and works with Minecraft’s other Survival Mode figures (sold separately). And, you know when it comes to survival, it’s important to be innovative, to be unique, to think “outside the box,” so that’s why we’re giving you a customizable and creative way to make this figure jump right out of your Minecraft world. You get to craft the look of your unique Player One figure by using your actual skin from the game! We create and print a custom label based on your in-game skin and then you get to apply it however you want. We also have an exclusive set of SDCC skins that are only available at the show! Print it, stick it and you’re ready to begin your journey into the world of Survival Mode!

Purchase includes one blank articulated Minecraft Survival Mode figure and one label sheet. Purchase options (each sold separately):

Player One figure with exclusive SDCC He-Man® skin
Player One figure with exclusive SDCC Teela® skin
Player One figure with exclusive SDCC Skeletor® skin
Player One figure with customized skin that you will print at SDCC

If you want to print your customized skin at the show, you can design it in advance on: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/ When designing your skin be sure only the default layer is visible – do not include armor, helmets, or any other overlay objects as they will not print and keep all designs to the standard human body.

This product will be available for pre-order at MattyCollector.com on June 16, 2016 for subscribers only (Early Access), and from June 17 through June 26 for everyone else (All Access). Orders must be picked up in person at San Diego Comic-Con. Products will also be available for purchase at the convention. Details on this and more to come. Don’t miss ‘em… sign up for email here!