The Loyal Subjects | Super Double Diamond Club

Starting today at 12:00 Pacific Time, The Loyal Subjects will begin offering their very limited Super Double Diamond Club Membership Program at It also includes an exclusive Masters of the Universe 3″ figure, with three different possible colorways! Only 1,000 members will be accepted and then it’s closed.

Super Double Diamond Club is limited to the first 1000 members for LIFE. There will never be a 1001 member. This is a year membership. After the year you have the first right of refusal to renew. This is a Founder’s Membership and is packed with HUGE Perks. All Exclusive Figures will be split between three colorways – colorway 1 and 2 will be Editions of 451, colorway three will be Editions of 98. All Editions of 98 will be stamped with a gold flake Super Double Diamond logo. All Exclusives will have the Super Double Diamond logo stamp on the packaging and figure to authenticate. Color Editions will be dispersed at random. This membership has a potential value of $1,000.00.

Your Exclusive Membership Includes:

  • Membership Card
  • Masters of the Universe – Exclusive carded figure
  • DBZ – Exclusive carded figure
  • TMNT2 – Exclusive carded figure
  • G.I. Joe 2 – Exclusive carded figure
  • Street Fighter – Exclusive carded figure
  • MMPR 2 + ZORD – 2 pak
  • Alien – Exclusive carded figure
  • Predator – Exclusive carded figure
  • Collector’s Poster
  • 4 Tote Bags
  • Skatedeck
  • 4 T-Shirts
  • Free Birthday Gift
  • 30% OFF ALL SDCC 2016 Exclusives
  • Special Black Friday Code
  • Other surprises

The Super Double Diamond Club will be limited to 1000 members FOREVER. To sign up for your Exclusive Membership, click HERE!