Ammie Cosplay as Frosta

Check out these great photos of Ammie Cosplay as Frosta!

I made this costume on a whim when I went on a She-Ra kick a couple years ago. I was a huge fan of She-Ra as a child. I did love She-Ra herself, but I also loved Frosta. I usually hate winter and anything cold related, but for some reason this character still remains one of my favorites from the series. I found a really nice stretch blue satin that was on sale and knew it would be perfect for the main base of the suit. That was enough for me to be inspired to make this costume. 

My sister provided the makeup (and photos!) for this one. She used some ice blue and shimmery white eye shadow shades to give me a winter look. The wig is an Epic Cosplay wig (Hera) in Ice blue. I trimmed the bangs a bit and combed out some of the curls to have a nice wavy look. 

frosta 3

frosta 1

frosta 2

frosta 4

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