Film Screening Recap: Masters of the Universe (1987) Movie in Hollywood

On Friday September 18th, I attended a special screening of the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The screening was part of Mastering the Universe: A He-Man & She-Ra Celebration, a 2 day celebration presented by the American Cinematheque, Dammaged Goods and Hundreds of He-Man fans from around the world attended the screening. Mattel provided rare figures from their Masters of the Universe Classics collection to give out as prizes before the film started. The film was a 35mm print (in pretty good shape!), and there were a LOT of guests in attendance who worked on the film.


After the film, there was a Q&A with Gary Goddard (Director), Chelsea Field (Teela), Anthony De Longis (Blade), Robert Towers (Karg), William Stout (Production Designer), Robert Short and Max Cervantes (Costumes). The cast and crew received a standing ovation from the fans. The Q&A went great, and moderator Duvien Ho did a fantastic job of asking good questions and making sure everyone got a chance to talk and share their stories with the audience.

9-9-15 He-Man and She-Ra Day-4271

There were great displays from Mattel in the main lobby of the theatre, featuring this year’s lineup of Masters of the Universe Classics toys. Many of the toys I had not seen before in person, like the Laser Light figures, the entire 200X sub line, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter, and the astoundingly massive Snake Mountain! Also on display were vintage figures from Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, He-Man, and the 200X line. There were large stand-ups of He-Man and She-Ra, Skeletor, and Beast Man around the lobby for fans to take pictures with. Most impressive of all was the giant statue of He-Man!

9-9-15 He-Man and She-Ra Day-4427

There is something magical about being in a movie theater, watching one of your favorite movies with the cast and crew who brought it to life so many years ago. The venue itself actually seemed to add a level of prestige to the event, as if finally, this film was truly appreciated. I think that even carried over to the cast and crew who were there as well. Many of them had not watched the film in the nearly thirty years since its release, and all of them talked about how surprised they were at how well the film held up, which gave me the impression that when it was initially released, they may have been disappointed by all of the challenges that made the film less than what they’d thought it would be, but now were seeing it with fresh eyes, and seeing how impressive the film really is. For me, seeing this film at the Egyptian Theatre was the experience of a lifetime!


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