2016 Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Subscription – Now Open!

A full release for Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Subscription has been posted at MattyCollector.com:

2016 Collector’s Choice Subscription Now Open

The chosen ones are coming! Fans asked for them… and we made it happen. This bi-monthly subscription brings a total of nine newly designed figures including two semi-annual figures and one subscription exclusive that you will not want to miss!

Subscription-only Despara™! The wicked warrior-queen persona of Adora is coming! This long-awaited, fan-demanded figure is available only with a Collector’s Choice subscription, and will never be sold on MattyCollector.com.


All figures revealed! See the full list of all six figures, plus two semi-annual figures, plus the subscription-only Despara™ on the subscription sign-up page!

Collector’s Choice subscriptions are available right now, ending on Monday, 8/10 at 11:59pm PT. Subscriptions are limited to a set quota, so sign up now to make sure you get Despara™.

· Lord Masque (1/16)
· Vultak (3/16)
· Darius (5/16)
· Night Stalker (semi-annual figure, 5/16)
· Despara (subscription-only, 6/16)
· Crita (7/16)
· General Sunder (9/16)
· Horde Wraith (11/16)
· Tuskador (semi-annual figure, 11/16)

Click HERE to subscribe and get all the details.