Masters of the Universe – Prince Adam 1/6 Scale Figure SDCC Exclusive from MONDO

New from Mondo! Check out this awesome SDCC 2023 online exclusive of Prince Adam! Featuring over 30 points of articulation, swappable portraits and Power Masks, fabric costume elements and an array of weapons (including three He-Man Power Swords). 

Concept Design – Emiliano Santalucia
Sculpt – Alex Brewer
Paint – Mara Ancheta, Hilary Arce
Packaging Art – Florian Bertmer
Packaging Design – Nolan Fleming
Photography – Raul Barrero
Art Director – Hector Arce

Prince Adam Figure
Neutral Portrait
Smiling Portrait
Laughing Portrait
Power Sword: Silver
Power Sword: Pink (Transparent)
“I have the power” Sword
Flame Thrower Gauntlet
Freeze Ray Blaster
Removable Sword Harness
Mask of Power: Green
Mask of Power: Pink
Fabric Shirt and Paints
Faux Fur Loin Cloth and Boot Fur
Figure Stand

Expected to ship in January 2024. Order Prince Adam from!