On Sale Now! “The Evil Horde” by Axel Giménez!

Mad Duck Posters is excited to release a new “Masters of the Universe” print this week by artist Axel Giménez! “The Evil Horde” showcases all of your favorite Horde villains in one epic poster! The poster features inking by Jeremiah Lambert, and colors by Francisco Etchart.

Official message from Mad Dog Posters:

This week we have a new feature release in our Masters Of The Universe collection. A long time in the making, we are excited to release The Evil Horde poster by Axel Giménez!

This is our second of many planned collaborations with Axel, and the first in our new Factions series within the MOTU mythos. There will be new posters created for He-Man and The Heroic Masters, Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, She-Ra and The Great Rebellion as well as King Hiss and the Snakemen! Other factions possible!

The Evil Horde print contains incredible renditions of the many classic Horde characters, with a focus on the character designs from the 80s toy line with some rarely seen toy variants represented!

The poster is available as a beautiful, vivid, Fine Art Giclee, measuring 24×36! It has a limited edition of 250, and costs $100.*

Available NOW, Here!

Also available: Variant based on the original cartoon colors: