Trap Jaw 1/6 Scale Deluxe Timed Edition from MONDO

New from Mondo! Freshly escaped from Infinita, the psychotic interdimensional cyborg finally cracks our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1:6 scale figure line. The Wizard of Weapons joins our other formidable Evil Warriors including Scareglow, Mer-Man and Faker. Complete with 30 points of articulation and an extensive array of accessories, plus a fully swappable Kronis head, Classic head and Kronis arm!
Learn more about Trap Jaw’s creation here.
On sale March 7, 12:00 PM CT through March 9, 11:59 AM CT. Limit 3 figures per person. Trap Jaw is expected to ship in September 2023. 
  • Florian Bertmer
  • Gabe Chicoine
  • Mark Bristow
  • Richard Force
  • Tommy Hodges

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