Masters of the Universe Origins Camo Khan Action Figure

Camo Khan breeds evil into the Masters of the Universe Origins toyline! Inspired by the popular Kobra Khan Camuflado collectible figure from 1987 released in Argentina, Mattle is bringing this sly villain back. Enchanted by Skeletor, Camo Khan has new powers of camouflage, a more potent hypnotic mist, and the mystical Golden Claws of Crushing. Harness his new powers with swappable hands, heads, weapons, and a spray accessory!

  • MOTU Camo Khan Action Figure
  • Inspired by the 1987 MOTU action figure released in Argentina
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall
  • 16 points of articulation for menacing displays
  • Comes with multiple hands, heads, weapons, and a spit-spray mouth accessory
  • Limit 2 figures per Customer

Launches Dec 2, 2022 9AM PT/12 PM EST for the retail price of $30.00. Exclusively on MattelCreations!