Skeletor Cosplay by Matthew Toppel (Uneek Props)

Check out this awesome Skeletor cosplay by Matthew Toppel of Uneek Costuming and Props!

My love of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe started as a young child, watching the cartoons and collecting the action figures and playsets , which I still have. I didn’t get into costuming until 2012 while looking for a new hobby. After years of honing my skills I decided to finally tackle a childhood dream of mine and make my own Skeletor costume.

The Skeletor costume is made from EVA Foam mats and hardened with many coats of wood glue before paint apps. I wore it this year for Halloween while handing out candy to the kids and it was loved by the kids and adults alike. I hope to upgrade the bodysuit and wear it to a local Comic Con this fall. Thanks for your time and MUUAAHH !! 

 Matthew Toppel