“Skeletor – The Eye of Evil” by SiMo Sol

Simon Soltau (AKA SiMo Sol) has created another stunning Masters of the Universe painting. “Skeletor – The Eye of Evil” is inspired by classic artwork from the mini-comics by Bruce Timm. Check it out!

Exactly three months ago at Grayskull Con in Germany I have started my latest painting. I guess I finished it today: Here is my new painting “Skeletor – The Eye of Evil” – oil on canvas, and again with my preferred size of 80/120 cms (about 31,5 x 47,2 inches).

The painting is a recreation of a drawing by Bruce Timm, taken from the classic minicomic “Rock People to the Rescue”. 

I just put the motif into another story context.

It wasn’t easy to decide what scene should appear in the orb. I think my choice could be quite popular in Germany because it’s taken from the very first german MOTU audioplay “Sternenstaub” (“Stardust”). Audioplays are a really huuuuge thing in Germany. So most of German MOTU fans know that scene where He-Man, MAA and Orko come across a dragon in the Evergreen Forest, watched by Skeletor in his orb. For the first time I hat to paint a more detailed take on Orko, who was conjuring the dragon to spit water instead of fire in that scene.

Anyway, I guess it works. As always I inserted some eastereggs and hommages to other artworks and artists, maybe you can spot them if you have a closer look.


Click on the artwork to ENLARGE!