Power-Con 2019 Convention Exclusives Revealed

Power-Con 2019 is taking place August 18th – 19th in Anaheim, CA. New pictures have been posted of this year’s convention exclusives. There will be three exclusives available this year at the He-Man and She-Ra convention. The first is a 3-Pack of Masters of the Universe Classics Figures, second is a single carded Masters of the Universe Classic Figure, and third is a surprise variant figure for She-Ra fans. 

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice 3-Pack: Slamurai and two Snake Troopers
This 3-pack completes the release of the MOTUC figures inspired by the unreleased 1988 vintage concept wave.
The packaging will feature brand new artwork and bios on the back and come in a window box displaying all three figures.
Price per set: $165.00

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice Horde Zombie He-Man
This mind-controlled version of He-Man rises from the ooze of the Slime Pit to do Hordak’s bidding! He comes on the standard MOTUC blister packaging, with brand new character art and bio on the back.
Price per figure: $55.00

12″ Starburst She-Ra
For the Honor of Grayskull, the 12″ line continues! Fans were treated to the 12″ Adora / She-Ra release at SDCC in 2016.
Now fans can get a limited edition 12″ Starburst She-Ra to add to their collection. This figure comes on a full-face blister with a removable card back that pays homage to the vintage She-Ra packaging. This enables you to display your 12″ figure loose, or put her back into the packaging and display her that way.
Price per figure: $50.00

Wave 4 MOTU MUSCLE Slime Can
Using the MUSCLE seen in the Keshi blind bag releases from Super7, this Slime Can collects from that assortment and presents them in the Power-Con slime colors like in previous years.
Price per can: $25.00


Pre-sale of Power-Con attendee tickets and exclusives begins on Saturday, March 9th at 9am Pacific time, and ends Sunday, April 7th. Any remaining stock after Attendee pre-sales end will then be offered through their resale partners on Monday, April 8th through Sunday, May 5th. The convention’s resale partners will be BigBadToyStore in the USA and S.P.A.C.E. (in conjunction with Die Welt der Meister Magazin) in Germany. Power-Con 2019 will take place in Anaheim, California this August 17th and 18th!