New Vac Metal picture of He-Ro! Wave 2 pre-order extended!

The pre-sale for the Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection Wave 2 Figures, originally scheduled to end today, has been extended to Monday, October 1st. A new photo of HE-RO with gold vac-metal armor have been posted by Super7!

Hey MOTU Fans! As promised, here is an image of the new version of He-Ro with his updated vac-metal gold torso and boots. This is the actual sample figure at Super7 HQ.

The original prototype for He-Ro featured the vac-metal gold. Early Super7 prototypes featured a metallic gold paint, rather than the vac-metal finish. Fans voiced their concern and we listened! As we previously announced, both He-Ro and Eldor will now also be packaged with a mini-comic style booklet featuring concept artwork and history of the development of the characters.

The Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Robot He-Man, and Teela 5.5″ Figures will come with the previously announced cartoon-accurate accessories and features.

The pre-sale for He-Ro and the other Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection Wave 2 Figures will be live until Monday, October 1st.

Grab all of them now at:

Please note this is not a limited edition release but pre-orders will receive the figures as soon as they arrive from the factory.