On Sale Now! “Swords of Honor” by Eamon O’Donoghue

Mad Duck Posters has just released a stunning new Masters of the Universe poster by the artist Eamon O’Donoghue! “Swords of Honor” features the heroic warriors Teela and She-Ra standing together to battle against the Evil Horde!
The regular version of the poster features Teela with red hair while the variant version shows Teela with blonde hair, based on her early mini-comic appearances from the vintage 80s toy line! To read more about the poster differences, check out their official blog!
Regular, 18×24 Fine Art Giclee, Run of 250, $65
Variant, 18×24 Fine Art Giclee, Run of 125, $75
Both posters are 18×24 Fine Art Giclees and will be available to purchase this Wednesday, April 4th at 12PM EST!