Super7: Hordak’s Lair at SDCC 2018!

Beware Masters of the Universe Fans! Hordak is taking over Comic-Con International with another epic Super7 San Diego Comic-Con MOTU pop-up event!

Beware as The Horde invades San Diego beginning on Comic-Con Wednesday night. Once again, expect all sorts of MOTU goodies and exclusives from Eternia offered exclusively at Hordak’s Lair. Mark your calendars now!

The event takes place at the Super7 San Diego store (located at 701 8th Avenue) which is a quick 10 minute walk from the convention site. Stay tuned for details about the exclusives and shenanigans we have planned for this event.

Hordak’s Lair Hours: Wednesday (7/18) from 9:00pm to Midnight and Thursday (7/19) from 11:00am to 9:00pm. By the Power of Grayskull! 

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