Kickstarter Spotlight: Defenders of Eden Issue #1

Evil is on the move in Eden! Lady MaryWeather has taken her army on a quest to overthrow the kingdom of Neuthonia. It is up to an unlikely group of Defenders from all over Eden to stop her in her tracks. What comes next is only the beginning! 

This exciting new Kickstarter project is to print issue #1 of the “Defenders of Eden” comic book. The pages are complete, and they have 24 action-packed pages of story to share with you! The funds from this Kickstarter will go directly to printing, and funding getting issue #1 into the hands of collectors.

Matthew Rodriguez, the Creative Director behind the Defenders of Eden comic book series, talks about the inspiration for the series:

Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats were both an inspiration for the fantasy world that I created for Eden. I wanted all of these characters to be interesting and unique, and have their own stories and arcs to deal with.

Preview pages with art by CJ Edwards and Andrew Cramer:

The Kickstarter for issue #1 is now live! Learn more about this exciting Kickstarter by clicking HERE!