Masters of the Musical Universe: Battle for Etheria | Headwaters Theatre in Portland

“Masters of the Musical Universe: Battle for Etheria” is the follow-up to last fall’s successful run of “Masters of the Musical Universe.” This jukebox musical takes us back to Eternia, but not for long: when He-Man learns his twin sister needs his help on Etheria, he quickly rushes to be by her side as she fights Hordak and his gang of thugs. Without He-Man on Eternia to guard Castle Grayskull, Skeletor quickly hatches a plan to conquer it once and for all. “Masters of the Musical Universe: Battle for Etheria” stars Nick Dent, John Branch, Maya Papaya, Melissa Hanson, Kellee Korpi and Alex McCracken. The show is directed by John-Ryan Griggs and Meghann Trause, choreographed by Geoff Wishart, and runs at The Headwaters Theatre September 22-25.

Tickets are now on sale for Battle for Etheria! $15 in advance, $20 at the door!