Custom Spotlight: Skeletron by AC Custom Figures

Check out this awesome custom of “Skeletron” by AC Custom Figures.

The better half of Eternia’s most powerful Power Couple, Skeletron is Skeletress’s android protector. Designed by Skeletor himself as his doppelganger destroyer, Skeletron was used to clear the battlefield for Skeletor’s safe arrival. After seeing how Skeletron was not only abused by Skeletor but also his living minions, Skeletress fell in love with this destroyer and set him free from the magical chain that bound his leg. In gaining his freedom, Skeletron also gained a living soul by way of the magic that bound him. Together Skeltress and Skeletron travel the Eternian countryside avoiding He-Man and sabotaging Skeletor’s plans as often as they can.

Skeletron was made from a MOTUC Flogg base, DCUC Lex Orange Lantern boots, Slush Head armor, Batman shoulder pads, Man-E-Faces extra head, and DCUC Big Barda moded helmet. His paint job was a blast to do, and my best metallic paint apps yet. He has rusted details and metal sheen with Skeletor’s color motif shining through. Enjoy!