Custom Spotlight: 4″ Scale MOTU Action Figures (Part 2)

Here are some more great 4″ scale Masters of the Universe customs by Unknownsoldier13.

Ram Man was created using a custom 4H shrunken head from Angry Nomad Customs and the base of a Marvel Universe (MU) Juggernaut. The armor was sculpted over a MU Thanos top piece with apoxie sculpt and pieces from the 200x figure. Other extras including the hands, belt and skirt pieces also came from the 200x figure. The legs were created using small o-rings from a local hardware store.

Ram Man

Ram Man (Back)

Spikor was made using a custom 4H shrunken head from Angry Nomad customs and the base of a MU Omega Red. The armor was a combo of apoxie sculpt, spikes found at Hobby Lobby and neck and front piece of the armor from a DCUC Steppenwolf.


Prince Adam was made using a Marvel Universe Hyperion base as it was a tad smaller to He-Man in scale and the previously mentioned shrunken 4H He-Man head found at Angry Nomad Customs and apoxie sculpt for costume details.

MOTU Prince Adam

MOTU Prince Adam and He-Man

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