Custom Spotlight: 4″ Scale MOTU Action Figures (Part 1)

Check out these great 4″ scale Masters of the Universe customs by Unknownsoldier13.

He-Man uses a Marvel Universe Hercules as a base, with a shrunken 4H He-Man head from Angry Nomad Customs. Apoxie sculpt for the chest armor and other additions like the belt and boots.

He-Man v4 2


Trap-Jaw is made from a shrunken 4H head from Angry Nomad Customs and a lot of apoxie sculpt added for costume details and various parts from the fodder bin to create the robotic arm and legs.

Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw vs. He-Man!

Beast Man was made using pieces from the Marvel Universe Beast and Superhero Showdown version of the character as a base with a shrunken 4H head from Angry Nomad Customs and apoxie sculpt for costume details.

MOTU Beastman v2

Clawful was made using the head and shell from the recent Masters mini figure and apoxie sculpt for costume details on a Marvel Universe Hercules base.

MOTU Clawful

Teela was made from a custom torso kit at the Angel Forge. This was attached to the arms and legs from a Marvel Universe Shanna figure. The head is a shrunken 4H Teela cast at Angry Nomad Customs.

Duncan and Teela


Man-at-Arms was made on a Marvel Universe Hyperion base with a armor details made out of apoxie sculpt and pieces from the recent Masters mini figure. The head was a shrunken 4H cast from Angry Nomad Customs.

Man at Arms

Man at Arms side

Man at Arms back