“He-Man of Grayskull” by Reyad Yousri

Reyad Yousri has shared with us his amazing new painting of He-Man!

I keep asking myself what it is that I like best about like about He-Man. Absolutely, it wasn’t the best animated series in terms of art at that time. Although the animation was often repetitive, it still had something unique to offer  in comparison to all the other cartoon series on the air at that time. A powerful moral message, no bad language, and no violent acts. it was a fun and exciting show. It showed He-Man as a symbol of good; a positive role model that children looked up to. The series also had the best music score that I ever heard in a cartoon series, and I still love listening to the music today. My FULL respect to Filmation and Mattel for making our childhoods unique and enjoyable by creating such incredible hero.

He-Man of Grayskull