Fan-Made HD Remake of He-Man Cartoon Intro

Giovanni Ricco (AKA John Rich) has created a cool HD remake of the original opening of Filmation’s classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

This is my fan tribute to He-Man and all of the talented people at Filmation who worked hard to make it happen. I absolutely wanted to relive the beauty of this series and I worked alone on this, redesigning frame by frame, searching for the original colors, and applying new visual effects that looked more contemporary. The cels have been redesigned by hand, frame by frame, with photoshop tracing the original frame, while the FX (energy & lightning) are created using After Effects. I designed all the backgrounds and “bridged” the gap side reconstructing images (4: 3 is square, 16: 9 is rectangular).

In this video I wanted to show all the drawings I made to remake the opening theme of He-Man, with no colors and effects. A tribute to the great work done by the staff of Filmation and an animation technique that few still use.